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Thesis Statement

What is the main point of your essay?: The main point of my essay is to address the issue about how the Black Lives Matter movement is still a recurring issue in the Black American community.

What is your essay’s purpose?: The purpose of my essay is to inform the audience on how the black American community is affected by the Black Lives Matter movement.

Who is your essay’s audience?: The audience of my essay are the people of the organizers of the Black Lives Matter movement, The black American community, and the media.

Thesis: The people of the black American community are experiencing a large rate of social injustice and racial discrimination, and  the activists of the Black Lives Matter movement and people of the black American community can help solve this issue with the support of the media and organizers of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Questions about my thesis:

  1.  Am I addressing my problem correctly?
  2. Did I provide the reader with a clear solution in regards to solving the issue?


Research Journal #5


Splawinski, A. “The Internal Backlash of Contemporary Black Liberation.” Harvard Journal           of African American Public Policy; Cambridge, vol.16, no. 10810463‎, Jun 2016, pp. 7-12.           ProQuestCenral,http://search.proquest.com.librda.mville.edu:2048/docview/1798773906?     accountid=12257. Accessed 5. Mar. 2017. In this article, Splawinski is discussing the             impact that activist politics can have on the growth of a movement, and how it can cause    a   specific movement like the “Black Lives Matter” movement, for instance to stay        stagnant     without much change being done. Splawinski talks about how activist are  sometimes go about protesting their movement the wrong way, and they aren’t putting  out the proper impression to address change. Splawinski states, “Activists should be  criticized for not addressing anti-Blackness in non-Western countries or not being proper  allies to those in non-Western countries. However, the notion we can stretch criticism to  a place where we can say all of this is in vain is unfair.” Splawinski then argues, “Though  it is misleading to articulate the movement’s goals as otherwise, counter-movements  constituently question the credibility of #BlackLivesMatter by doing so.”  Splawinski is a  student studying political science. She has worked in the LGBT activist movement, and is  currently researching how public attitudes and democratic theories are being affected  towards the political institution. This article was published last year, and I will be using  this article in my research on the theory of how the Black Lives Matter movement is being  used by the black community and the impact it has on them. This article ties into my  research by discussing how the public attitude of activist has an effect on trying to make a  change in the black community.

Research Journal #4

Free Write:

Okay, so I’m a little head over heels with everything coming up. But I’m almost finished. So far the research articles that I found are fitting well with what i have in mind. At first I was a little skeptical about everything fitting in.But I think I want to gear in the direction focusing on how the Black Lives Matter movement is used in the black community. I also wanted to included how social media has has helped shaped the impact it has on these people. I think I can probably squeeze in some examples when I find my popular articles about violence and police brutality. As for annotating I thought I saved the article that Catherine and I found when we had our meeting, but it looks like it got deleted by accident. Unfortunately that was one of my favorite articles, hopefully I can find one that’s just as good. So far from what I’ve gotten out of my research it seems to be a bias because people are failing to realize that social media is putting out majority of the information that is given about the Black Lives Matter movement. However, it becomes a problem when it is brought up in classroom discussions. The teacher’s goal as a “radical teacher” as quoted from one of my articles, is to basically try to get some of the students to participate in classroom discussions with their peers to see what is their take on what is taking place with the movement. The goal is to try to get some of the students to be able to have their voices and opinions heard as well, because they often get excluded which is unfair because they are also being affected by the events taking place and they are the ones living with these testimonies everyday. So it would only be right to hear, whether or not the Black Lives Matter movement is helping them reach their goal to create justice for their liberal rights freedom. Through the police brutality violence that the black communities are still witnessing day by day, to even their own brothers being taken from them by another black person, the media is the voice of the people so it’s their key to change.

Research Journal #3

Mock Conversation:

Past Me: So this research essay is going to be a little tricky because I’m not really sure on what I want to focus on, should it stay more on the Black lives Matter movement and social inequality or should i venture off into racial violence and  Police brutality?

Present Me: Mm.. I think I can tie both of these topics really well but I’ll probably focus on the Black Lives Matter Movement and the social inequalities, because I know that the police brutality will be a whole different topic in one… True!

Past Me: I know I’m going to need some really good articles to get me started.. but I might have some trouble finding them, especially the scholarly articles. How can I be certain they’ll be reliable enough?

Present Me: Calm Down… You Got this!!! Remember you found one when you were with Catherine, and you just found another one called “Radical Teacher”.. Plus you have to meet with the librarian next week so you can find your last scholarly and maybe some popular articles as well.

Past Me: Oh thats right..I think I’ve just been a little overwhelmed because of all these due dates they seem to be getting closer and closer, and I have to remember to keep track of the day I found the articles.

Present Me: That’s why you bookmark them as soon as you find one and write a little note next to it for the accessed date so you don’t forget.

Past Me: Well it looks like I’ll be able to get everything done on time if i stay on track with my timing.

Present Me: Yeah, you do.. Just stop and breathe, if it means taking an hour break for yourself to get back at everything again then go for it.

Past Me: Oh, darn there’s one more thing!!!

Present Me: What is it?

Past Me: For the annotations I think I need some adjustments in some areas how am I going to pull of bringing in two for the consultation?

Present Me: Look back at your practice one, and we have a review on it on Tuesday. Is that all Now?!

Past Me: Yes that’s it we got it

Present Me: Okay Great! 🙂

Research Journal #2

1st blogging prompt on scholarly article:

The first article that I chose for my annotated bibliography is called,”Hashtag Activism and Why #BlackLivesMatter In (and To) the Classroom.”  This article was written by Prudence Cumberbatch and Nicole Trujillo- Pagan. This is an secondary analysis article  research explores how state institutions shape the racial and ethnic identities and how they affect the form of social inequality.  Cumberbatch and Pagan were trying to touch upon the fact that the topic on social inequality and people experiencing different testimonies in regards to the Black Lives Matter movement are being voiced through  social media. The problem is, when it comes to those same situations being discussed in the classroom by teachers it seems to be an issue. The problem with this, is that issues in regards to the BLack  Lives Matter movement is being spoken about daily through social media, from various hashtags, images, and tweets. A radical teacher’s goal is to get students to engage in discussions about their awareness or opinions on the issues that is taking place. By doing this the radical teacher is able to gain a better understanding of their sense of knowledge based on what the media is putting out there for them, and how it is affecting their lives. This is also a great way to encourage students to voice their opinions with their peers, without feeling like they are being completely ignored and forced to restrict them from having a voice for themselves. This article  has changed my current research process because I think my topic is gearing more to how the media is affecting the black communities aspect on some of social inequality, and what impact it may have on their personal life. This has changed my aspect on my research so far because, at first I thought the affect of the Black Lives Matter movement had something to do with the organizers of the movement. I thought they were taking the right steps to promote the movement to help make a change, but it seems like the community themselves have taken a form of act on how the movement affects them through social media.

Research Journal #1


The Black Lives Matter Movement was created to help rebuild the liberation for the black community. Going against dehumanization, violence, and anything regarding the Black community having their human rights and dignity deprived from them. The BLM (Black Lives Matter) movement in my opinion  has a huge impact on society through social media, unfortunately I don’t think the organizers of this movement are portraying the right  idea for people in the black community in effort to make  a change for the community. Although there are rallies, protesting and hashtags(#BlackLivesMatterToo) being used on social media, we can’t really pinpoint the changes that have been made because there are still acts of violence, discrimination, and some cases of police brutality, nothing has really changed. I know I want to focus on the aspect of how BLM takes on the role of shaping the media, but maybe I can slip in the concept of how the black community is using the BLM in their own lives and see if it actually made a change for them. I can probably gain some insight from this and try to see if some of these people in the black community might want to share the word, instead of sitting behind social media and talking about it they can probably help suggest better steps they can take on to make this new civil movement actually worthwhile…  Meanwhile People are giving the impression of them needing help and wanting to make a change for equality and justice, but they aren’t making it any better if these are the same people that are turning against one another taking their “Brothers” life. What makes it so right for you to do it but if it is done by the police all hell will break lose and you complain about being discriminated against?? This seems like a very good point, I could probably slip this idea in my essay as well… So social media, Black community, police brutality, and how they tie into each other. While trying to focus on the main idea of why the BLM was created and the real factors that make up this movement.



Losing Your Identity

I have never really lost my identity, but I know it must be horrible to experience something like that. There are many people out there that have lost their identities, whether it was their sexuality, racial or even losing their self-esteem. One scenario that might’ve caused someone to experience losing their identity, could be from moving to another country and adapting to that environment. That person could’ve lost themselves gaining a whole new personality, while trying to fit in with everyone else. They probably didn’t even realize it at the moment because they were so worried about creating an image for themselves that they want society to see, but in the midst of doing that they  are becoming some they’re not. They forget who they really are, and sometimes it could affect not only them but the people around them, they could end up losing their friends and family members. They may even find it that they are no longer happy because they aren’t being true to themselves because they’re too busy trying to please others. By making certain decisions to get clarification from other may seem “cool” at first but when you see that it’s causing you to change your actions and cause you to get involved in stuff that you wouldn’t normally do that’s where you need to draw the line. I personally think that there’s nothing wrong with being yourself. In fact you may find it that people respect you more for making actions not to fit in but to be yourself and they may even follow in your lead.

Feminism Homework (Lexi, Joseline, & Julia)

In this video, the lady was expressing a few reasons as to why she is a Feminist. She stated reasons like, she is all for gender and sex equality, how sexual harassment is being ignored by society,  or because girls are being pressured by society to have a certain image in order to look beautiful by valuing their  appearance before anything else. She also talks about how majority of the males in the political body are making decisions about females and their bodies, or how men are making twice as much even though they are doing the same exact job. From watching this video I agree with majority of the points the lady was making. Being a female I do feel like it’s unfair for the male population to be on a higher pedestal than women. Especially because women play just as an important role in society as men do. It’s sad because we put in so much effort and work probably even more than men do and we get little to no praise or acknowledgement for it. Women are expected to be “Housewives”, but society fails to accept that in today’s generation women are excelling more. We should have all the same rights to be treated equally, women have a lot of advantages over men in some senses, but it is often downplayed. I also agree with one of the points the lady was making about it being unfair for men to make certain decisions when it comes to a women’s body. I know that i wouldn’t want to have certain rights being a women taken from me like being deprived from reproductive rights,or sexual assulted and being blamed for it because of the way I was dressed. I don’t believe any woman should have to struggle with these things on a day- to- day basis and I’m all for gender and sex equality.

Undocumented Citizens Peer HW

If my parents were undocumented citizens that were going to be deported back to their country I would be devastated. I would have some sort of hatred stemming from inside because knowing that my parents worked extremely hard to make a living for me and the rest of our family. To know that the family is being departed forever and they didn’t do anything wrong, it would tear me apart.