Research Journal #4

Free Write:

Okay, so I’m a little head over heels with everything coming up. But I’m almost finished. So far the research articles that I found are fitting well with what i have in mind. At first I was a little skeptical about everything fitting in.But I think I want to gear in the direction focusing on how the Black Lives Matter movement is used in the black community. I also wanted to included how social media has has helped shaped the impact it has on these people. I think I can probably squeeze in some examples when I find my popular articles about violence and police brutality. As for annotating I thought I saved the article that Catherine and I found when we had our meeting, but it looks like it got deleted by accident. Unfortunately that was one of my favorite articles, hopefully I can find one that’s just as good. So far from what I’ve gotten out of my research it seems to be a bias because people are failing to realize that social media is putting out majority of the information that is given about the Black Lives Matter movement. However, it becomes a problem when it is brought up in classroom discussions. The teacher’s goal as a “radical teacher” as quoted from one of my articles, is to basically try to get some of the students to participate in classroom discussions with their peers to see what is their take on what is taking place with the movement. The goal is to try to get some of the students to be able to have their voices and opinions heard as well, because they often get excluded which is unfair because they are also being affected by the events taking place and they are the ones living with these testimonies everyday. So it would only be right to hear, whether or not the Black Lives Matter movement is helping them reach their goal to create justice for their liberal rights freedom. Through the police brutality violence that the black communities are still witnessing day by day, to even their own brothers being taken from them by another black person, the media is the voice of the people so it’s their key to change.


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