Research Journal #3

Mock Conversation:

Past Me: So this research essay is going to be a little tricky because I’m not really sure on what I want to focus on, should it stay more on the Black lives Matter movement and social inequality or should i venture off into racial violence and  Police brutality?

Present Me: Mm.. I think I can tie both of these topics really well but I’ll probably focus on the Black Lives Matter Movement and the social inequalities, because I know that the police brutality will be a whole different topic in one… True!

Past Me: I know I’m going to need some really good articles to get me started.. but I might have some trouble finding them, especially the scholarly articles. How can I be certain they’ll be reliable enough?

Present Me: Calm Down… You Got this!!! Remember you found one when you were with Catherine, and you just found another one called “Radical Teacher”.. Plus you have to meet with the librarian next week so you can find your last scholarly and maybe some popular articles as well.

Past Me: Oh thats right..I think I’ve just been a little overwhelmed because of all these due dates they seem to be getting closer and closer, and I have to remember to keep track of the day I found the articles.

Present Me: That’s why you bookmark them as soon as you find one and write a little note next to it for the accessed date so you don’t forget.

Past Me: Well it looks like I’ll be able to get everything done on time if i stay on track with my timing.

Present Me: Yeah, you do.. Just stop and breathe, if it means taking an hour break for yourself to get back at everything again then go for it.

Past Me: Oh, darn there’s one more thing!!!

Present Me: What is it?

Past Me: For the annotations I think I need some adjustments in some areas how am I going to pull of bringing in two for the consultation?

Present Me: Look back at your practice one, and we have a review on it on Tuesday. Is that all Now?!

Past Me: Yes that’s it we got it

Present Me: Okay Great! 🙂


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