Research Journal #2

1st blogging prompt on scholarly article:

The first article that I chose for my annotated bibliography is called,”Hashtag Activism and Why #BlackLivesMatter In (and To) the Classroom.”  This article was written by Prudence Cumberbatch and Nicole Trujillo- Pagan. This is an secondary analysis article  research explores how state institutions shape the racial and ethnic identities and how they affect the form of social inequality.  Cumberbatch and Pagan were trying to touch upon the fact that the topic on social inequality and people experiencing different testimonies in regards to the Black Lives Matter movement are being voiced through  social media. The problem is, when it comes to those same situations being discussed in the classroom by teachers it seems to be an issue. The problem with this, is that issues in regards to the BLack  Lives Matter movement is being spoken about daily through social media, from various hashtags, images, and tweets. A radical teacher’s goal is to get students to engage in discussions about their awareness or opinions on the issues that is taking place. By doing this the radical teacher is able to gain a better understanding of their sense of knowledge based on what the media is putting out there for them, and how it is affecting their lives. This is also a great way to encourage students to voice their opinions with their peers, without feeling like they are being completely ignored and forced to restrict them from having a voice for themselves. This article  has changed my current research process because I think my topic is gearing more to how the media is affecting the black communities aspect on some of social inequality, and what impact it may have on their personal life. This has changed my aspect on my research so far because, at first I thought the affect of the Black Lives Matter movement had something to do with the organizers of the movement. I thought they were taking the right steps to promote the movement to help make a change, but it seems like the community themselves have taken a form of act on how the movement affects them through social media.


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