Research Journal #1


The Black Lives Matter Movement was created to help rebuild the liberation for the black community. Going against dehumanization, violence, and anything regarding the Black community having their human rights and dignity deprived from them. The BLM (Black Lives Matter) movement in my opinion  has a huge impact on society through social media, unfortunately I don’t think the organizers of this movement are portraying the right  idea for people in the black community in effort to make  a change for the community. Although there are rallies, protesting and hashtags(#BlackLivesMatterToo) being used on social media, we can’t really pinpoint the changes that have been made because there are still acts of violence, discrimination, and some cases of police brutality, nothing has really changed. I know I want to focus on the aspect of how BLM takes on the role of shaping the media, but maybe I can slip in the concept of how the black community is using the BLM in their own lives and see if it actually made a change for them. I can probably gain some insight from this and try to see if some of these people in the black community might want to share the word, instead of sitting behind social media and talking about it they can probably help suggest better steps they can take on to make this new civil movement actually worthwhile…  Meanwhile People are giving the impression of them needing help and wanting to make a change for equality and justice, but they aren’t making it any better if these are the same people that are turning against one another taking their “Brothers” life. What makes it so right for you to do it but if it is done by the police all hell will break lose and you complain about being discriminated against?? This seems like a very good point, I could probably slip this idea in my essay as well… So social media, Black community, police brutality, and how they tie into each other. While trying to focus on the main idea of why the BLM was created and the real factors that make up this movement.




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