Losing Your Identity

I have never really lost my identity, but I know it must be horrible to experience something like that. There are many people out there that have lost their identities, whether it was their sexuality, racial or even losing their self-esteem. One scenario that might’ve caused someone to experience losing their identity, could be from moving to another country and adapting to that environment. That person could’ve lost themselves gaining a whole new personality, while trying to fit in with everyone else. They probably didn’t even realize it at the moment because they were so worried about creating an image for themselves that they want society to see, but in the midst of doing that they  are becoming some they’re not. They forget who they really are, and sometimes it could affect not only them but the people around them, they could end up losing their friends and family members. They may even find it that they are no longer happy because they aren’t being true to themselves because they’re too busy trying to please others. By making certain decisions to get clarification from other may seem “cool” at first but when you see that it’s causing you to change your actions and cause you to get involved in stuff that you wouldn’t normally do that’s where you need to draw the line. I personally think that there’s nothing wrong with being yourself. In fact you may find it that people respect you more for making actions not to fit in but to be yourself and they may even follow in your lead.


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