Feminism Homework (Lexi, Joseline, & Julia)

In this video, the lady was expressing a few reasons as to why she is a Feminist. She stated reasons like, she is all for gender and sex equality, how sexual harassment is being ignored by society,  or because girls are being pressured by society to have a certain image in order to look beautiful by valuing their  appearance before anything else. She also talks about how majority of the males in the political body are making decisions about females and their bodies, or how men are making twice as much even though they are doing the same exact job. From watching this video I agree with majority of the points the lady was making. Being a female I do feel like it’s unfair for the male population to be on a higher pedestal than women. Especially because women play just as an important role in society as men do. It’s sad because we put in so much effort and work probably even more than men do and we get little to no praise or acknowledgement for it. Women are expected to be “Housewives”, but society fails to accept that in today’s generation women are excelling more. We should have all the same rights to be treated equally, women have a lot of advantages over men in some senses, but it is often downplayed. I also agree with one of the points the lady was making about it being unfair for men to make certain decisions when it comes to a women’s body. I know that i wouldn’t want to have certain rights being a women taken from me like being deprived from reproductive rights,or sexual assulted and being blamed for it because of the way I was dressed. I don’t believe any woman should have to struggle with these things on a day- to- day basis and I’m all for gender and sex equality.


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