Credibility Article!!


buzzfeedMy partner for this assignment was Emmy. The article she sent me was titled, “These People Marched Against Abortion — And Against Trump“. This article was written by Ema O’Connor a news reporter of BuzzFeed. Ema O’Connor is an expertise known for in-field interviews. She does interviews with witnesses, victims, experts, artists, politicians, etc. She has featured writings and interviews that she has conducted on investigations and breaking news reported in New York. Some of Ema’s other article’s that she has written about like, “There are more Secretly recorded Planned Parenthood Videos“, and “Republicans just voted to Permanently  Prevent Federal funding for Abortions” can be found on along with some of her other articles. Majority of Ema O’Conner’s articles involve bias political publications on Pro-life.

Her motivation to write this article was to  catch the audience’s attention of the people who are against Trump and his decision for banning abortion. Mainly targeting people who are interested in the  “March For Life”  event. This article was published on, the date it was published: January 28th, 2017 at 12:49 p.m. This is a primary based sourced and would be more of a popular article opposed to a scholarly one. I’d say this article falls into the popular category because the writer is writing towards a more general type of audience. The article is much shorter than a scholarly one could be there aren’t any full citations to back up the article. The language that was used aren’t technical or hard to understand since it wasn’t made for a scholarly audience.


3 thoughts on “Credibility Article!!

  1. Author’s credentials, qualifications, previous publications, and expertise.
    author or publication involvement with politics or other organizations(bias)
    example: Pro-life
    Differentiate March for Life and The Women’s March event.


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