1. The app I chose to use as an example of my location-based application is called “Where”. Where is known as an app which allows users to discover and share their favorite places with other people.This app allows users to get access to special deals and offers at any local occupation. You are able to share your favorite places and share them with your friends, you can also see places that were shared by other users, and see their recommendations and reviews for that place to see if it is somewhere you might be interested in going yourself. For instance, if I went to a restaurant in white plains, I’d be able to share that place on Where and leave a review for someone else to see if they would like to go there and allow them to see how to get to that restaurant that is nearest to them.
  2. Where produces urban narrative by sending notifications to the users who have to app to alert them about what people are posting about whether it’s about gas prices, the weather  forecasts, traffic etc based on your location. If you are using the android app they added additional improvements which allow users to receive any social buzz that is going on posted by their friends, which include news headlines, Zipcar finder, yellow pages information and movie showtimes.
  3. The users are able to practice reading and writing space by being able to leave reviews read  their reviews and get suggestions for that place. You can get personalized recommendations and offers for places that you’ll love. Not only are you posting comments and reviews but you are able to see what your friends shared on their favorite place to know if you’ll be interested in going there as well.
  4. Where mirrors Souza e Silva’s model of net locality by allowing the users of the app to share attachments along with their location. They can do this by giving a review on the place they share and allow that user to get information on the specific place they’re looking for. For example if someone is in Washington D.C. and they are by a movie theater the first thing that will pop  up will be the movie theater that is closest to your location and they’ll be able to see the reviews of previous users on that movie theater to decide if they want to go there or not.



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