M.A.C Cosmetic: Online Identity



After Browsing Through MAC’s Cosmetics both instagram and facebook page, I’ve found that they’re a very trendy, cool , and creative company which tries to target their customers with new and funky different type of products while welcoming all ages, races, and genders over the world.


Timeline:  Their Timeline seems very active, they are very alerting when it comes to any upcoming events, or new products  that are coming in. They are also very involved in different seasonal makeups,  and promote different makeup collection lines. We can also see that some celebrities are also catering to their company, Like Mariah Carey, she has her own makeup collection, which MAC promotes.

Visitors Post:  The visitors post are mostly positive, it shows some of the visitors sharing MAC’s products and giving them  a review which are mostly positive, or asking any questions they have regarding the products.

Photos/Videos: The photos and videos that are shown on their Facebook page, are mostly showing some models wearing their products or testing out different makeup collections that are out, they also have some celebrities advertising their products, which may give some of the customers a reason to go out and buy the products because they see that even celebrities enjoy their products.

Individualistic: MAC’s facebook and instagram page are very welcoming, on their facebook page they also include links to some of their other social media’s so the customers are able to stay posted from either page.

Comments/Interactions: They’re customer service is very good they reply to both negative and positive comments to help assist any unhappy customers, and they usually respond to them on time.


Post: On Instagram MAC posts more of their products, like the different eyeshadows, lipstick, and makeup art they do on some of their models.

Captions/Hashtags: Their captions are much more descriptive and longer than how it is when advertising on facebook. As for the hashtags, they usually post consistent ones that relate to whatever, look or event they are going for.

Current Posts:  They post on a daily basis, opposed to facebook they post every other day or every three days.

Comments/Response: The customers seem to be just as active with comments like they are on facebook. MAC is pretty on point when they respond they respond on a daily basis as well replying to both negative and positive comments, to make sure their customers are satisfied.

Community- Oriented: Their Instagram page is very welcoming in the bio of their Page they state, “M·A·C Cosmetics The Official M·A·C Cosmetics Instagram. All Ages, All Races, All Sexes. 👻 Snapchat: maccosmetics YouTube.com/MACCosmetics“. Welcoming people from different cultures, races, etc. all over the world making it known that their products are not just limited to a certain crowd. They also include their Snapchat and YouTube page for the customers to follow and subscribe so they’ll be updated on all the new trends and products that are arriving for them.







2 thoughts on “M.A.C Cosmetic: Online Identity

  1. Both Mac Cosmetics Facebook and Instagram accounts advertise the amazing eye looks that can be created using their products. However, Mac’s Facebook features videos or pictures of eye looks being created by Mac employees and professional makeup artists, as opposed to Instagram where Mac features eye looks done by customers. Even though both Mac’s Facebook and Instagram are advertising the eye looks that can be achieved with their products, the difference in the way they advertise the eye looks can effect who is drawn to their company and who will ultimately buy their products. People who only see Mac’s Facebook may feel that Mac is a professional company and only professional makeup artists with a lot of experience should be buying their products. However, when only viewing Mac’s Instagram, it is clear to see that Mac is designed for all types of people in all stages of life including people who have just started to get into makeup and even people who are professional, but not necessary associated with Mac. Mac is known to have upstanding quality and produce long lasting products that produce the best results possible. Customers who are searching for a good quality may overlook Mac because of the way they advertise on Facebook. Someone who could really benefit from buying Mac products may be at a loss by misinterpreting their Facebook.


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