Hey, everyone my name is Shannon and today I just wanted to touch upon a topic that I  think is very important. I wanted to talk about how Millennials are basically put in a stereotyped category of being you know… lazy, self-centered, careless, and they’re basically looked at a piece of trash, you know? And I understand why people would, feel like they’re like that because some people just put that bad image on us. And being a Millennial myself, I feel like it’s sort of unfair, because there’s some of us out there that’s willing to make a change. We actually want to work, we want to go to school, we do respect our elders, we’re not lazy, there’s some of us that don’t sag. Like I just feel like they’re putting us in a category where they’re placing all the bad names on us and it just isn’t fair. And it just isn’t fair, and it’s mostly you know the older generations, like you know elders, parents and stuff like that and I just wanted to target…  a few of these people and let them know like…Millennials ourselves too… I wanted to target you guys and let you guys know that theirs some of us out there that actually do care about our self-values. We’re willing to make a change…we’re willing to make a difference and just because, you see a certain crowd doesn’t mean theirs not others that appreciate… appreciate, what we have these days. And I just feel like because of society, it’s making everyone believe.. believe all of these untrue stereotypes. And that’d be like me saying “Hey… Um… the older generations is wack because they don’t have the type of technology that we’re into… this that and the other. And that’s just really unfair to me, I just feel like as a whole there’s actually some of us out there that want to make a change. And I just want to argue that people shouldn’t base… shouldn’t judge us based off of what they see… you know? You should try to get to know us first because some of us actually have ambitions and want to do better with themselves. We actually do care about the world and not all of us are bad.


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