Reflection Feedback

When I received my peer’s reflection paper on me I was a bit, nervous because I wasn’t sure if they’d use an old embarrassing picture of me, so the first thing I did was to go check which pictures they chose of me. As I started to read the reflection, I realized that my partner noticed a lot of things about me that I didn’t even take note of when I posted some of these pictures. I think they did a great job analyzing the type of person that I seem to be, in my pictures; ” A very strong and determined girl”.

  1. In reading how my partner depreciated me I felt like they were pretty accurate because I do tend to be pretty determined when it comes to a lot of things. In fact I feel like whatever issue that I encounter being determined helps me become stronger in the future, preparing me for more challenging things that life has to offer. So they were right when describing some traits that I might’ve given off in my pictures.
  2. In the reflection my partner mentioned something about how it seems like I basically had people pushing me to become a better person today; “I know my mother always said this to me and that’s why I’m the person I am right now, because I had those around me that pushed me to become better than anyone else. I am more then 100% sure that Shannon had that person in her life that helped her fight against the current everyday.” They also talk about how they can relate because they’re mother has always pushed them to become the person they are today. I would agree that this is indeed true for me because my parents were always the type to make sure that I would become a great person in life not only for me but for the people around me and for my future too. I always had a support team when it comes on to either my family and friends.
  3. One thing that I think my partner didn’t really have an understanding of was, the picture where I was standing my the grave at the cemetery. They stated, “In this picture I can see that the little boy in the picture was one of the reasons that Shannon is now able to go back to this gravely ground and have a smile on her face.” They were right about that being my brother but, he wasn’t the reason I was able to go back to visit my grandmother’s grave. I went because I haven’t went to visit her in over a year or so because I didn’t want old memories to be brought back it was very emotional for me, so I tried to avoid going not because I didn’t want to but because it was so painful. The way the picture was taken makes it look as if my baby brother took part in me going to see her grave, when he was really looking at the grave asking me whose was it. Aside from this I believe my partner did a good job analyzing my pictures. I’m glad to know that I can have such a huge impact on others making them realize how strong and determined they can be, from seeing some of the things that I might have battled throughout my life experiences.

img_20160615_092221    relflection photo.png

refelction photo 2.png


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