Fenty By. Rihanna


In this ad we see Rihanna posing for for her new line for Puma, “Fenty”. In this photo Rihanna is sitting she looks relaxed or “chilled”. She has on the Fenty puma sneakers from her collection, which gives off the impression that she wants people to buy it because they’re cute and stylish. I believe the ethos that the company is trying to create through this ad is to show that these  shoes are trendy and stylish for both men and women to wear,because there is a guy modeling the sneakers as well.They look comfortable as well, the company may also be trying to show that they have a new style of Puma’s; Platform edition and because it’s Rihanna’s collection they know they’ll be more likely to get customers to buy it, especially for those who are a fan of her. I think the author’s ethos was effective because they were able to target a certain crowd which were the fans of Rihanna, they are more likely to buy from her collection now. And the sales will go up even more because of how popular she is, the ad gives off a “cool” type of feel so people will buy it because they want to rock the sneakers and be just as trendy as Rihanna.

Some emotions that I think the author is trying to elicit to the audience would probably be to try to make the buyers for this product feel, cool or fashionable. The reason for this belief is because they probably want to show that regular people can rock trendy clothes just like your favorite celebrity, and feel like a superstar, without having to be on the same status quo as them by buying expensive clothes. They can now become their own fashion icons, and start they’re own styles. The author probably wanted to inspire the audience to make them realize that they too can dress lavishly and wear it like they’re favorite celebrity. The author’s use of pathos was definitely effect because they were able to make the buyer’s of this product feel, special because they came out with a line that was in favor of their favorite celebrity, and now they’re able to rock the trendy new shoes and outfits like her.

The author utilizes logos in this ad by using a male model alongside of Rihanna to show that this sneaker can be worn by both male and female. The color of the picture as sort of a  black and white effect to it which makes the mood of the picture quite cool and relaxed. The author uses that black and white affect to probably bring out the color of the shoes to show the pink, and make it stand out more. They have “Fenty by Rihanna” written in bold gold letters to bring out the fact that this is a new collection by Rihanna so it’s a special edition. In the picture they also have the main Star of the new line; Rihanna with her wearing the shoes to show how she put’s it together with her outfit, which would most likely draw the attention of the audience more because she has them on. I believe the logos is effective in appealing to the audience because they were able to catch their attention, and they focused on how it was Rihanna’s collection so her group of fans which they targeted would buy it.


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