I had some trouble thinking about what I’d write about today. I thought of a lot of things that I had a strong beliefs in and I tried to think about something that I’ve came to terms with that has changed my life, and then I finally came up with my topic.

Today I will be talking about God and my beliefs in what should and shouldn’t be done in the eyes of God. Some people may find this topic to be a little uncomfortable to talk about because they  have different interpretations of him. Some may not believe in him because they feel like they can’t believe in something or someone they can’t see. While others may feel like their interpretation of God is right opposed to other’s beliefs because that’s the only thing they’re accustomed to and that’s the way they were taught about him. I think that God is an entity that people believe in based on how much faith someone has in him.  I have a very strong belief in God because of so much that he has done for me. God has opened my eyes to many different things, and made me realize that somethings in life just isn’t worth going through with, especially if it isn’t helping you to become a better person in the long run. Because of God I feel like I’ve turned my life around for the better. I noticed that I removed myself from all the negative things around me and started to gravitate towards the positive things. I believe that God wants to see all his children doing good by not only him but by others also because at any given moment it could be you that is placed in their position. I think that God has given each person on earth a purpose to serve, I believe that he put us in certain predicaments because he wants to see how we’d react to them. If we do pass these test then we are worthy of serving him, which will be very value able in the long run. Some people who don’t follow the word of God tend to be placed in really bad situations because they have no faith or very little faith in him. I believe as long as you stay true to yourself and God you will find yourself being exposed to many life changing opportunities that will only guide you to a becoming a better person.  img_20160615_092221


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