Reflection Post


In this post Nora is hugging a younger boy that appears to be someone who she’s close to like her younger brother. I think her purpose was to show that she loves and appreciates her brother regardless of how annoying he gets.Nora’s audience might have been her followers she probably wanted them to see how much she values her brother and decided to be let it known to the world on National Siblings day.Based on the caption it states, “He’s quiet, but he’s actually a pain in my ass #nationalsiblingday”. The text gives a better understanding of her purpose for sharing this photo because it  describes how Nora posted a picture of her and her brother because she wanted her followers to know that she was embracing the fact that she’s an older sister, and that she loves and  appreciates her brother even though he may get on her nerves sometimes. This picture shows the unbreakable bond that her and brother have regardless of how annoyed they get with each other. The context of this picture that could’ve led her to post this picture was probably the fact that everyone else had been posting about their siblings and she maybe felt like she should get in on the celebrating of siblings, which was her younger brother.

Looking back on my reflection analysis I decided to write that as Nora’s purpose for her post because on National Sibling Day I also posted a picture of my siblings. I did so because I wanted to show the world and all of my friends that I cherished them and enjoy being a big sister, even though we have our moments where we don’t agree or get along with one another, I still love them


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