Blogging Reflection

First Year Blogging Assignment

   My, thoughts on the Alex Reid’s reading made me realize that writing isn’t what i had sort it out to be. It’s very easy and interesting once you’ve found a topic that you’re comfortable with. As Reid stated in the reading, he spoke how writing can become less challenging once you’ve developed a writing habit. Simply because, you’re able to just write more without thinking of a reason to write. As a first year blogger this reading touched me in some areas, because I do feel a bit overwhelmed sometimes when it comes to either blogging or pushing myself to become a better writer period. I do agree with Reid’s purpose on how motivation and creating a writing format that will fit best for you which can improve your writing skills. I learned that blogging can be a great way to exercise your writing skills. Certain types of writings that we do on a daily in school like, group projects for instance can also help improve our skills of writing. Like class blogging,  if the teacher assigns a project the students will most likely be asked to post new materials and comment on their peers post, as said in Reid’s reading. This can be a very helpful way for students to see what their peers posted, get some feedback and which can help you to correct any mistakes you’ve made and also help you answer any questions you have. This can allow you to be more productive with your writing skills increasing your stamina as well. I’ve become more open to writing now that I’ve read this article because I know that I’ll be able to set a format that can help me write without sitting for hours trying to come up with just once sentence. This has made me more comfortable knowing that I may not be at my top writing ability now but the more I write is the better I’ll get. Writing can be s very good way to express your thoughts and feelings and you don’t have to write essays by doing so. You use writing in your daily life through either texting, posting statuses, writing journals,etc. So blogging is just another enticing style of writing but instead you can get feedback that can help you better your writing skills.



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